My work often begins in states of listening. Everywhere I go, as often as I can, I take time to listen to the world’s play in rhythm and tone. Everyday spaces have special significance for me. When I listen I learn, and I like to listen to the noise that information makes.


I apply this practice of being-as-listener across work in sculpture, photography, and performance. I draw from a wide range of objects, often interfacing digital media with raw and natural materials, to create environments where states of listening are encouraged. I often use elements of sound in my work, and privilege the diffusion of focus (daydreaming) in my designs.


I usually allow my curiosity about something that I know little about guide my work’s process and material. My current projects are informed by exploring how our subsistence on the Earth may require significant cultural shifts, especially in the areas of ecology, technology, and coexistence. As an artist, I like to ask how technology’s allure might be harnessed to aid in recovering a deeper sense of belonging to the natural world.





Boris Scherbakov

April 2017